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Cod produs: ISBN 978-606-95458-8-1 ISBN 978-606-95458-9-8

Marca: Editura Subconstientul Charlie



Pret: 32.60 Lei / exemplar

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Comanda instant - TELEPATHY COURSE I

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This book shows the danger that a telepath represents in a society where there is no law to protect the population from the aggression through telepathy and real noises.
Thus,the telepath makes noises only when the person he is telepathically following feels to fall asleep,preventing that person from falling asleep,the rest of the time the telepath does not make noises.
We are talking about 1-2 seconds,which is how long it takes to fall asleep,and 1-20 seconds which is how long drowsiness lasts.
Most people will not suspect that their loved ones are being assaulted by a telepath.
This book teaches you to recognize the symptoms of aggression through telepathy and noise.
If the sleep deprivation of you caused by the telepath lasts longer you may die of a stroke or of a heart attack or you may end up a vegetable.

Chapter 1.The telepaths make noises just when I feel like falling asleep and I can't fall asleep
Chapter 2.The telepaths no longer make noises immediately when I wake up
Chapter 3.We don't fall asleep at the same time
Chapter 4.You must become telepathic.This is the only way to protect yourself from telepathic aggressors
Chapter 5.Without making real noises, no telepath can keep you from falling asleep
Chapter 6.Keeping the target in a hypnagogic state, by the telepath
Chapter 7.Why do telepaths make noises? What is the purpose?
Chapter 8.Sleep deprivation by electronic device
Chapter 9.The development of telepathy by sensitizing the skin plates on the left hand. Induced telepathy
Chapter 10.The development of telepathy through subliminal messages
Chapter 11.The development of telepathy through hypnosis and self-hypnosis
Chapter 12.The development of telepathy through the use of brain stimulation devices with the function of simultaneously stimulating of two brains
Chapter 13.The purpose of this telepathy course:we need a law to protect us from aggression through telepathy and sound
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